European Barcamp in Kyiv

Can we change this world? Drive social change in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia? Impossible? No! It is possible. Between 5-7 October 2018, we will bring together NGOs, activists and the creative community to connect, exchange and cocreate during the first European Barcamp in Kyiv.


Conference-business hall
“Inveria Flow Space”
Kyiv, Ukraine


Friday to Sunday
October 05 to 07, 2018


BarCamp is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!
Travel grants are available for the first number of confirmed participants

What is a BarCamp?

Barcamps are open and participatory workshop-events, the content and process of which are decided on by participants. Barcamps have been held in over 350 cities around the world, in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Australasia and Asia. And now in Kyiv!

The first Barcamp held in Kyiv is unlike any classical conference you have ever attended. User-generated, fast and fun, it offers a unique opportunity for participants from the creative community, civil society, politics and the tech and startup scene to come together, learn from each other, start new projects and co-create. Leading experts from tech and politics, filmmaking and storytelling will stand ready to provide inputs and feedback and there is ample room for personal reflection. But in the end, it is YOUR conference, a unique “learning and doing experience” driven by participants’ desire to share and learn in an open environment.

Who can participate?

Participants between 20 and 35 years from Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova are invited from the tech and startup scene, filmmaking, civil society, and politics. We expect participants to make themselves available for the entire duration of the Barcamp. Proficiency in English is required.


For those coming from abroad, a limited number of travel grants is available on request.

European Leadership and Debate Academy

About elda

Since 2014, elda european leadership and debate academy addresses these issues by engaging young leaders from South-Eastern Europe in an innovative learning experience, offering skills and instilling attitudes that empower a new generation of responsible and active citizens. The centerpiece of elda’s activities are highly interactive seminars on key competencies and challenges associated with public communication and journalism in the age of digital media.

The European Barcamp starts (almost) tomorrow!

Places are limited, so register now.

BarCamp Schedule

The European Barcamp takes place from Friday, Oct 5, 1 pm, to Sunday, October 7, 1 pm. Meals will be provided. More details follow soon!
  • Day 1

    October 05, 2018

  • Behind every great success there’s a great story. The world that we live in is made out of stories. And this is not an effect of the digital revolution. Already in the stone age times the human tribes were such a successful species because of their ability to tell and invent stories. Nothing has changed in ten thousand years. To establish a successful NGO, to drive social change and also to drive awareness of society to human rights issues - we need a good story. In this masterclass, Oxford fellow, award-winning filmmaker and ELDA-Co Founder Christian Stahl, will teach you the art of storytelling and discuss with participants, why an ancient myth is the essence of changing the world in 3 days.

  • Probably, you saw a lot of different social ads which neither had a clear message nor were they aesthetically appealing? Yes, for sure you saw a lot. Most of the social advertising is created with little or no budgets and based basically on the enthusiasm of the artists. But is this a really an excuse for creating a BAD ad? So BAD, that it better wouldn’t exist at all, although people put true love and passion in it? This workshop will be held by Sergiy Pudich - social ad director since 2012 who worked with UN agencies (UNDP, IOM), NDI, German Foreign Office, CANADA, and USAID. He will explain why you should care more about social advertising, guide you through the process, from creating an idea to the final draft and the distribution of your social ad; and tell you where and how to find budgets. If you want to create some cool social ad, you should certainly attend this workshop.

  • What does it take to be a “leader”? We believe, leadership is not a privilege of the few, but an attitude of many. And any true democracy rests not only on elections or mechanisms for holding politicians accountable but on active citizenship. This makes advocacy and public communication a central tool for public leadership. Together, we are going to reflect on what it means to be an effective leader in today’s digital democracies.

  • Day 2

    October 06, 2018

  • Founder of the Festival of Social Advertising "Molodiya Festival" will talk about: • How to really change the world with social advertising and how you can spend on it your time and money; • Criteria for evaluating social advertising. • Case analysis. • Their own Fuckups.

  • Activation and involvement of citizens in decision-making at the local and national level in order to run advance reforms - state funding of political parties, local self-government reform, and electoral reform

  • Beacons have been generating buzz since 2013 when Apple first introduced iBeacon technology. They introduced Beacons as a service to alert apps when someone approaches or leaves a location. In 2016 there was a complete change in the game: Google introduced Eddystone - based on Beacon technology. Now you can send short URLs to Android devices around. Retailers, Museums, Airports, and everybody who want to communicate with people around can use it. Peter Schink will show best practices, explain how to use the technology and what you need to use your first beacon.

  • Day 3

    October 07, 2018

Our Speakers

The amazing team that will be with you during the European Barcamp

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